What we do

DC strategic cooperation:

  • To make a feasibility investigation for your project.
  • Offering options and suggestions for your purchase plan.

DC Small Order Management

  • For woven MOQ: No MOQ
  • For knitting MOQ: 1 Roll of cloth
  • Directly purchase from Fabric market
  1. Small order is acceptable in our system, buying stock fabric in ZhongDa Fabric market.
  2. Supply you the latest & most popular material and solving R&D, bulk production problem.




DC Big Order Management

For big order, we will cooperate with the textile factory; from the base fabric production – dyeing – Finishing processing – Printing/Embroidery/Beading etc. to bulk production.

▲ Cooperated textile factory

▲ Dyeing Factory

▲ Digital printing factory & machine


  • No MOQ, short time production
  • Custom pattern Design, any color acceptable
  • No Environment pollution

DC Cooperated Factories

More than 200 small factories taking the cooperation with DC.


▲ Clothing-hanging pipeline

▲ New Nail formwork function is very popular using in many factories, which can greatly improve the quality and efficiency.

▲ Traditional Assembly Line factory

DC Craftsmanship

Here four Craftsmanship we strong in: Beading, Embroidery, Sequins, Printing.

Bulk Production video:

What we do is integrating those resources we strongly in, make the common better.

▲ Embroidery Factory

▲ Industry Washer

▲ Digital printing & Mucilage printing

DC Design

DC make a designing platform that gathering the global excellent designers from France, Italy, Korea, England, Spain and so on that to meet the choice for the brands that different people/ages/styles demand.

Global Cooperated Designers:

Designer group
Globle design
Designer office
Designer office

Designer Group

Global Design

Design office

Design office

DC Platform provides you a strong database including Clothing database, Fabric database, Accessory database

Clothing database
Fabric database
Accessory database

Clothing database

Fabric database

Accessory database

DC Quality Assurance

  1. Cooperated with the third party quality inspection like ITS,SGS,SASO, BSCI etc..
Sedex Img

2) AQL2.0-2.5 is our Quality Inspection Standard:

Our inspection line will do as below: 

Fabric inspection – first inspection – Mid inspection – Final inspection by the third party – Packaging:

Fabric Inspection

Cooperated with original fabric factory, the first step of inspection, control the quality from the original

First Inspection

The first inspection, from fabric cutting, sewing to read-make garments

Middle Inspection

Middle inspection, all the read-make garment should be right Spec/Fitting

Final Inspection

Final inspection by the third party like ITS, SGS




The Production Timeline

Maximum the time schedule of production to the stores

With the idea of QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing), it is obvious that logistics must be followed to achieve first order and rapid re-order.

In China, the logistics industry has been very maturely, we cooperate with many logistic suppliers;

If customers who cannot one-time place a big order because of their financial chain, he can place small order, then ship by air.

While controlling the flow of financial chain, the time and efficiency can be guaranteed as well.

DC Future:

DC will combine the development of domestic apparel industry and launch a whole new supply chain management system to help our customers get better and faster development; To use the data base system to provide customers with professional supply chain strategy and consulting analysis.

The first step is improving the store to be an Intelligence store.

What is Intelligence Store?

The core of Intelligence Store is using intelligence sensor and RFID electronic tag. Using these to establish a huge data base, such as “attention rate”, “fitting rate”,  “Sample conversion rate”, “Bought rate” etc..

After using these data, “DC intelligence” can provide the brand with a “recommended replenishment list”. Using our supply chain management helping you arrange appropriate stock for each stores.

We help you grow then we grow.