The Largest Fabric market in China

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The Largest Fabric market in China

The Best Textile / Fabric market in China

What products are you doing?

  • Ordinary Clothing
  • Formal / Wedding Dress& Suit
  • Household / bedroom Fabric
  • Curtain Fabric
  • Accessories, yarn
  • Garments
  • Ect…..

No matter what kind of textile / fabric above you want, there is a best place you should go & can find it.

Here is the largest fabric market is in Guangzhou China, people always call ZhongDa Fabric Market.

There is a proverb in clothing manufacturing industry: Fabric Seeking in GuangDong, seeking fabric in ZhongDa.

At the end of this blog, you can find which 18 fabric markets compose into a Huge ZhongDa Fabric Market, and what they mainly supply.

Hey, together with me are our designer & purchaser, will show you:

The best benefit for us is that we’re very near the ZhongDa market, our designer & fabric / accessory purchaser go to the market search new idea everyday.

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 1

They are too shy to the camera.

The First Station:

▼Guangzhou International Textile Town (the Main Entrance)

This Building separate six parts: Area A, B, C, D, E, F.

Different Area specialize in different fabric / accessories.


▲ Pic of Area C,E & F

Area A&B Specialize in Knit Fabric;

Area C&D Mix woven & Knit Fabric;

Area E&F Specialize in Woven Fabric.

The best way come here is to by Metro Line 8 (Zhongda Station, Entrance D).

There are more than 4,000 stores / retails in this market, gross building area reach 300 thousand square meters.

We are responsible to tell you, everyone comes here the first time would be amazing for its super huge scale. Like some people said that “The happy feeling is that like a mouse drop into a barn..Hahahh.”

There are shops doing woven,denim,knit,printed fabric everywhere, from 1 to 7 Floor.

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 2

Here most of them are stock fabric, if you want to do samples, one or two meters you want to buy is ok.

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 3

On the B1 Floor, is an Accessories world

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 4

Haha, I’m going to be dazzled on these stores and accessories like Beading, Shining  Sequins, Button, Applique Embroidery etc..

Moving inside, and found more decoration, like different kind & size button, Tassels Pendant, and decoration webbing.

The Tassels Pendant and webbing can custom in a small quantity.

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 5

Also there are Tassels Pendant & decoration webbing like these.

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 6

Lace bordering — This fabric has a small custom quantity as well.

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 7

Brilliant beautiful lace / applique Embroidery (Always making in the Dress / wedding dress / Shirt.

Lace / applique Embroidery on garments.

As this market is absolutely large and with great variety of any fabric & accessories, even so many foreign friends / customers come here the original market to buy them, you can see them in many places.

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 8

Station Ⅱ:GZ Changjiang Textile Town

This is another large fabric market neighbour close to the last one, the surrounding is not good than it, also the stores are smaller, looks like a Cubicle. But the price sometimes will be better than last one.

Also you can find all the fabric / accessories here as well.

This is a very long street and older now:

Follow us, here we coming this street call “ Denim Street”.

We got many new swatch planning to make new samples. ^_^

Like Printed denim, Embroidered denim, washed denim etc.

The Best Textile and Fabric market in China 9

  • Now is 17:00pm, it already nearing the end of the day because the Zhongda Market usually open 9:00am — 18:30pm.
  • Many shops they have their warehouse nearby, so whenever a customer placed an order, will soon be able to get bulk fabric from warehouse;
  • But actually most of shops their warehouses are very far from here, usually need to wait for 2 to 3 hours, or may have to wait for the next day, also they can send express or logistics to your factory. This is convenient.

 We can see many bulk fabric in front of the stores, customers ordered.

Special Cargo of tricycle / cars begin very busy now, coming and going, they drive very fast and happily with a deal the order, but actually people new here will feel them very dangerous.

This market covers nearly 50,000 sq.m2., With more than 1000 brand traders.

Main fabrics people usually seeking here: silk, cotton, colored fabric, fabric for men’s garments, satin, chemical fabric, fabric for wedding dress, jean, lining, plush, flocking, linen,etc.

Ⅲ:▼ Zhujiang International Textile Town

The total construction area is expected to be 900,000 m2, including 400,000 m2 of Textile flagship display center, 500,000 square meters of office buildings, hotels, business apartments, shops and other comprehensive business supporting facilities.

It’s new developed in 2011.

Ⅳ:Jiuzhou Textile Trade Plaza –九洲轻纺广场

This market also nearby the GZ International Textile Town.

Specialized in Acrylic, lace and printed fabric, others fabric & accessory selling in this area as well.

▼ Pic’ of Jiuzhou Textile Trade Plaza

Ⅵ:RUI KANG Accessory –瑞康花边世界

This market near Jiuzhou Textile trade Plaza, specialized in Lace, rib fabric, ribbed band, Velboa fabric etc.

Ⅶ: Guangzhou Highsun String & Cloth Market

This market should be older, and specialized in curtain, clothing, household using fabric etc.

Ⅶ: Guangzhou Highsun String & Cloth Market–

Ⅸ: Wufeng Lining & Leather Market

Ⅹ: Jiahe Fabric Centre

ⅩⅠ: Dongxiaonan Knit Fabrid Centre

ⅩⅡ: Hongxing Textile Centre

ⅩⅢ: Yinling Leather Centre

ⅩⅣ: HengFeng Plush Centre

ⅩⅤ: Xiangxing Fabric Centre

Specialized in Sport Knit Fabric & mesh fabric

XⅥ: Mid-South Street Fabric Centre

Specialized in Cotton

XⅦ: Zhongda clothing accessory

XⅧ: Yinling Curtain Fabric Wholesale Maket

In summary, Zhongda is a best textile market that we are sure you cannot find another bigger one, nearly all the fabric you can find here.


We make sourcing easily!

Take advantage of our services make your business stronger in China!

We provide all at cost ($99 up) service including:

China Company Verification

pre-travel service(invitation letter for visa , hotel list, visit scheduling)

samples and fabric sourcing

pattern and sample making

market and factory visit

inspection and shipping arranging

Your comments and inquiry will be highly appreciated.

More details about us, pls check on our website below:


Contact: Jessica Liu

Email:  dc@cndc.co

Tel: +86 020 31231044

Mobile/ WhatsApp : 86 13428886594


  1. sapir hindi says:


    im a fashion designer and im coming next month to GUANGZHOU .
    i see the Recommendations for the fabric markets .
    i need to know please in whice market i can find a good knit wear fabrics and a fabric that good for evening dresses & brids .
    also i need to know before im coming . it is possible to take some meters from each fabric i want ? i dont want to buy a whole roll.

    also i will like t know Do you make labels?
    Can I meet you there to see the options and if I will
    So can I order 50-100 pieces to be ready within a week? This is the time I come to just visit as I would like to know what the price is for 50 labels and a few to 100.

    • Jessica says:

      Hello Sapir,

      Don’t hesitate to come by our office for a coffee if you visit GuangZhou
      The dongda is the biggest fabric & accessory market. Yes, you can cut meters fabric ,not buy a whole roll is okay.But this price will litter high.
      Sure, we can make labels. Same qty also can arrange it.

  2. M h c hassan says:

    My dear sir i am sri lanka my cuntry my name is mr hassan i wont you are exxas fabric a am selling sri lanka market i wont fabric items plc youare sampel pictreu and kilo weight price and oll fabric mattarial sampel fotos thanks.

  3. Amar says:

    Fabric for men designer blazers

  4. Angelo says:

    Very nice coverage.
    Am from east Africa Kenya and will visit you very soon.

  5. Pierre says:

    Hello my name is Pierre Boutet from Panamá i am interested in buying denim small amounts and rayón printed. What is your service?

  6. Sofia says:

    Interested to know more about the service provided

  7. Nike Alli says:

    We are coming to China from USA to source for fabric

  8. Sriram Upweja says:

    I am reading your column it’s very helpful .which type of services you provide

  9. Cocoon says:

    Hi, we r garment manufacture from India, if we place some orders is it possible to send it to India or any dealers in India so that we can contact them.

  10. Raju says:

    Hi Jessica,

    Where to go there?

    • cndc says:

      Hi Raju,

      The dig zhongda fabric & accessories market is ruikang road of Guangzhou, opposite the south gate of sun yat-sen university.

  11. Val James says:

    Do you sell on line If so how do I view fabrics. Would you post to Australiam

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Val,

      Sure, can post to Australiam. We are not sell on line.

      China Fabric Sourcing – We’re supplying all kinds of fabrics to you.
      Pls noted:The fabric swatches and color cards are free. You only should provide the shipping costs or tell us your DHL/FedEx/UPS account, so that you will be charged directly.

  12. Amanda says:

    Hey guys, my name is Toki, I’m from SouthAfrica.

    I’d like some help sourcing out suit fabrics or formal wear for female suits. Colors requested are Grey, Navy, Black, Maroon, Pink and Army green according to availability.
    I want to compliment these suits with beautiful colours and patterns to match suits and inner lining for suits.

    I love unique and elegant detail like buttons, lining, belts , zips and any other extras.

    Please advise on how we can get in touch .


  13. Zorrow says:


    I am Zorrow from Burma. I want to know your service as I would like to import textile to my country.

    Please let me know and hope we can do business together.


    • Jessica says:

      Hi Zorrow,

      We made sourcing easy! Take advantage of our helpful services!
      1)Sourcing made easy: Tell us which fabrics & accessories you need. We send free fabric swatches to you decided.And send them to you or your clothing manufacturer.
      2)We offer guidance at the fabric market area and fabric factory. Hire our experienced guides, who speak English and Chinese fluently.


    • Adegboyega Aminat says:

      Good day I am Adegboyega aminat from Nigeria, i will love to know about embellishments, crepe, tulle lace fabric and duchess fabric. I want to know prices and how to ship it down to Nigeria. Thanks Jessica

      • Jessica says:

        Hello Adegboyega,

        Noted you need some fabric.
        All the detail will reply you email. Pls check .

        Best regareds,

      • Sabhya prasher says:

        Hii.. i am from india..and wanted to start my garment business here..read your post about this market. And have some queries.. like is it a wholesale market?? Do we have to buy in bulk.. and want kind of fabrics can i get and want ot know affordability of these fabrics.. can you supply to india? What would be the prices??

        • Jessica says:

          Hi Sabhya,

          This is the biggest fabric and accessies market in China.
          Small order is okay and cut the sample also is okay.
          We can help shipping in India.

          Which fabric you will need? All the detail pls discuss dc@cndc.co

          Best regards,

  14. shahidkhan says:

    iam from pakistan i have bussines of shawls and duppata is there some thing for me??

  15. Erwin says:

    Hi jessica,

    Thanks for the information. We are looking forward to pay a visit. Im waondering if i can get more i formation about dongda..

    Many thanks if i can whats app.will be better.


  16. Jennifer Cullen says:

    Hi. I’m planning to travel to your city. I plan to buy plain and printed cotton canvas fabrics, interfacing and twill tape. Where would you recommend I go?

  17. Cathleen says:

    Hello, I’m planning a trip to visit Zhongda market next month with my business partner.
    We will purchase a couple of rolls for I took samples with the potential of reorder. Can I ask, are you able to help manage reordering? Also can you advice how to arrange shipping of goods to Australia? Do I just provide the store my DHL account?
    Thank you.

    • Jessica says:

      Hello Cathleen,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Please see our reply .

      —–Yes, we are able to help manage reordering in a professional process. Our team have been working in textile & garment industry for 20 years.
      —–Usually we ship with long term cooperate agent for a reliable service and good price. They will be able to ship by either DHL or FedEx.
      —–The store will not be able to do anything relating to English. They deal only with Chinese speaking person. Sure, we can help .

      Best regards,

  18. S Aye says:

    Do you have wechat? I would like to know more about elastic knit cotton linen fabric

  19. RAHUL says:

    Hi I m from INDIA , planning to come guangzhou in August for men’s garments fabrics for suit blazers n some Desginer fabric print , velvet prints etc but bEfore I come can u send me the samples, whatever will be the courier charge I will pay .

  20. Ali says:

    Jessica I would like to know about fabric material for making dresses in all types.
    Ali from Kampala Uganda

  21. Hi I am hamza from Nigeria please I want men fabric which is rolls, voil, bazin fabric

  22. Hi I am hamza from Nigeria please I want men fabric which is rolls, like the voile, bazin fabric, lace.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Hamza,

      Thank you message. Sure ,we can provide the service of you need fabric.
      Will send mail to you discuss all the detail.Or you can add the whatsapp. +86 13428886594

      Best regards,

  23. Akinniyi Ashiat says:

    Hi jessica, am ashiat from Nigeria. I would like to buy different fabrics and accessories from the market. Want to knw about the service and shipping process. Thanks

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Ashiat,

      Thank you message.The different fabric & accessories we can help you and service and shipping.
      You can add the whatsapp. +86 13428886594 and discuss all the detail.

      Best regards,

      • Taral jain says:

        Hi Jessica ,

        I am Taral Jain from India, planning to start my new business into kids garments ,foot wear, bags and accessories.
        Planning to visit china in month of July.
        Kindly mail me your office details so i can visit u when i come to China.

  24. Janaka says:

    I’m from Sri Lanka.we like to buy fabric materials.give us some details about it. So we look forward to buying in the coming days

  25. Precious Ndlovu says:

    hi guys

    Can you please let me know where I can buy PUL fabric- I need water proof garments to sew Diapers

  26. Arafat says:

    Which is the best fabrics market in China and how can I go there

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Arafat,

      The largest and best fabric market in Guangzhou city ,China.
      All the detail pls add my whatsApp +86 13428886594 and discuss all the detail.

      Best regards,

  27. Kedir Omar says:

    Hello there i am very interested .my family got fabric shop in South Africa .can you mention the price of each accessory

  28. AMINA says:

    Hello, I’m looking for buy fabric materials can you give us some details about it ?

  29. Kenny Kuli says:

    Evening, I am coming on Tuesday looking for polyviscose fabrics 65/35 240gsm Grey and Olive green acid coated please assist and watzapp on +267 75284451

  30. Moe Kyaw Thu says:

    I like this article. I really interest in this market. I wanna come to Zhongda Textile market,CAN.I would to know that Myanmar(Burmese) purchasers are coming there.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Moe,

      Thank you interest in our article of the biggest fabric market.

      Sure,Myanmar puchasers are coming there.
      The world puchasers are coming there .

      Best regards,

  31. Moe Kyaw Thu says:

    Hi Jessica
    I am Moe Kyaw Thu from Myanmar(Burma). We sell silk fabric, cotton, etc in retail. I wanna to get nice suppliers.I think you can inform and help to us.Tell me about market in your area.

  32. ABED GORI says:

    MOB :002xxx (on WeChat, WhatsApp)

  33. Ms. Thuy says:

    I want to source the biggest stock fabric markets in Guangzhou. Pls guide me

    • Jessica says:

      Hello Ms.Thuy,

      Sure, we can guide you the biggest stock faric market in GZ.
      May I know when you will come to GZ?
      Pls add me WhatApp +86 13428886594 and discuss all the detail .

      Best regards,

  34. NAMAN says:

    I want to know about different fabric qualities for woven and knit.

  35. Karthik says:


    I am Karthik , I am looking for a good supplier who can supply both Circular Knit fabrics and Laces and other trims from China,.
    we are based in Bangladesh and catering to US and European apparel market in a big way.

    let me know if any one is interested in doing business with us.

    Mail me directly at karthik@abanti.net

  36. Kenny says:

    Do u take online orders? As im about to start my fabric and dressmaking business? If yes,do u send samples??

  37. Deepak bansal says:

    This is bansal Deepak coming to guonazou next month , I am interested in men’s t/r suiting fabrics,
    Can I know the places where I can look at the variety for selecting my purchase

    Deepak bansal


    I came in to china yesterday ,i want to make polyester fabric,i came from NIGERIA,how can i locate you?? Am buying quantity…, my watsapp +2348092197369

  39. Grace Abimbola says:

    Hello, pls am Grace from Ghana, I will like to know more about sample lace and the price and the cost of shipping to Ghana

  40. Linki Mosito says:

    Hi there, can you kindly assist me with a drapping fabric, for wedding events the whole roll please. I was planning to come china but now because of this COVID-19! Thnx

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