The largest Wholesale/Retail garment market in China

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May 29, 2019
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The largest Wholesale/Retail garment market in China

The garment manufacturing in Guangzhou city is an important part of the whole world garment export, and also an important part of the whole Chinese garment wholesale/retail market.

Welcome to Guangzhou city

Recently, we are going to writing album blogs for major clothing wholesale/retail markets in Guangzhou.

Today is the first issue, we will divide the blogs into four to six issues, which will let you know and to find a different, and the one you never know of the local clothing markets in Guangzhou China.

We will update our blogs from time to time.

Everyone who needs the “treasure”?Please remember to focus our updated!

Now, please be patient. The Treasure Journey begins.

Let’s start it!

Focus to us,know more wholesale market in Guangzhou!

Perhaps some foreigners who often come to Guangzhou to buy/wholesale clothes may have heard of these following famous markets:

  • Xin Dai Di Fashion Plaza (新大地服装城)
  • Bai Ma fashion Market (白马商贸大厦)
  • NEW CHINA PLAZA (新中国大厦)
  • Hui Mei INT’L Fashion Plaza (汇美国际服装城)
  • Liu Hua Fashion Wholesale MARKET (广州流花服装批发市场)
  • Fu Li Wholesale fashion trade center (富骊外贸服装批发市场)
  • Shi San Hang Fashion Wholesale Market (十三行服装批发市场)
  • Sha Her Fashion Wholesale Market (沙河服装批发市场)
  • Kapok INT’L Fashion City (红棉国际服装城)
  • Super Children’s wear Wholesale Market (富力·儿童世界)

And so on…


Look my magic~~

There is a huge business area around the Guangzhou Railway Station. Here you can find almost any fashion product like:

  • Men’s wear:shirt, jacket, trousers, shoes, Suit…
  • Women’s wear:dress, blouse, shirt, sweater, Bra, Swimming Clothes…
  • Children’s wear

In short, you can find all kinds of clothes here, whether knitted or woven.

And there are also others fashion accessories shops like: shoes, Jewelry accessories, label, hangtag, wash label, polybag, sticker, hangers, Doll Mannequin and so on…Everything about fashion you can buy them wholesale or retail here.



The first station:

XIN DA DI Fashion Plaza

 The largest Sweater & knitwear textile market in China


Follow me,go, go,go!!

Core Guide

Address:No.108-122,Zhan qian Road,Guangzhou city

Transportation:By Guangzhou metro, Line 2 or Line 5 – “Guangzhou Railway Station”, with the entrance “H” then you can find it.

Opening time:8:30 – 18:30


Xin Dai Di Fashion Plaza is a subsidiary enterprise of China Export Commodity Fair (Canton Fair for short), and it has been established since 1996 till now.

It is located in Guangzhou Railway Station – LiuHua Garment Wholesale Business Circle with a business area of 23,000 square meters and has won successive awards.

It collects various professional wholesale markets such as knitting, woven and woolen textiles. It has won the titles of “Guangzhou’s most professional (woolen) garment wholesale market”, “Guangzhou’s most competitive garment wholesale market”, “Ten influential brands of China’s garment wholesale market”.

Its fame can be said that “All China clothing comes from Guangzhou, and all can find in Guangzhou LiuHua market (business circle)”


At present, it is the largest wool textile market in Guangzhou and even in the whole China.

There are more than 1,100 wool textile business households, and most of the manufacturers in all parts of China, especially in DongGuan, Shantou, ChengHai and other wool textile production bases.

Products are mainly sold to Russia and most of the Middle East countries, Southeast Asian countries, the United States, the European Union and other countries and regions.

Don’t get lost in this clothing market

Since Taobao, China’s largest e-commerce website (similar to Amazon, created by Ma Yun), became popular all over China in 2013, Guangzhou has almost become the largest clothing purchasing place and clothing wholesale market for online shopkeepers.

It enjoys a high reputation in the apparel industry.

If the clothing wholesale market near the railway station in the past always gives people a sense of crowding, now the clothing wholesale market is a new generation.

More and more merchants begin to pay attention to decorative shops.

When you go shopping, you will find that the environment is very comfortable.

There are various domestic and foreign buyers here every day, so we can also see a lot of foreign brand stores.

Nowadays, whether domestic or foreign, the most popular business way is fast fashion.


Follow my video below and show you the real clothing wholesale market.


Learn more about the Xin Da Di garment wholesale market, here is the website:

Click here:http://www.gzxdd.com



Let’s move to 2nd station~

The Second station:

Guangzhou KAPOK International Garment City” – (红棉国际服装城)

Address:No.184 Huanshi West Road, Yuexiu District,Guangzhou city

Transportation:By Guangzhou metro, Line 2 or Line 5 – “Guangzhou Railway Station”, with the entrance “D4” then you can find it.

Opening time:8:30 – 18:30


After visiting the Xin Da Di Fashion Plaza, we can easily find our second garment wholesale market next door: KAPOK International Garment City

Kapok International Fashion City is located opposite Guangzhou Railway Station. It occupies the golden area with an area of about 60,000 square meters.

Let’s go~

Kapok International Clothing wholesale market gathers garment manufacturers from the Pan-Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and even all over the China as well as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States.

There are more than 1,800 merchants, which are in the middle and high-grade fashion clothing and jewelry spot wholesale center, garment brand chain, Fashion Trend Release and Display Center.

The kapok International Fashion City has not only become the most active garment wholesale center in China, but also an important base for exporting to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and West Asia.

👆 Kapok international fashion market

Most of the merchants here have been engaged in garment industry for many years.

They have rich experience. They can reflect the market trend in the shortest time. The garment styles reflect fast and change very quickly. They can meet the needs of all kinds of markets.

Here gathering one of the largest wholesale garments scale, middle and high-grade garments, the most complete jewelry varieties and the most concentrated manufacturers in China.

This garment wholesale market features: selling middle/high-grade brand clothing, European and Asian fashion centers (retail or wholesale, but mainly wholesale)



Kapok International Fashion market has a total of 9 floors.

The garment styles are mainly European and Asian fashions, and usually selling middle/high-grade brand clothing.

The garments HERE usually selling more than 100RMB/piece. Compared with other clothing wholesale markets, the price is on the high side, but the quality is better at the same time.

Everyday here you will see people,people and people everywhere.

And a lot of foreign businessmen walk around and purchase very familiar

Many foreign business men already familiar with those shops and purchasing


Usually the clothes selling here can be wholesale and retail, and sold in small quantities but many styles, and the designs are basically original designs by the merchants themselves.

Every day there are a lot of new models are produced and sold in stores.

These clothes are novel in design, fashionable and trendy.

Generally, those new designs will be different as others garment wholesale market, these designs are not easy to find the same in others wholesale markets.

Customers orders,will send by express or logistic
👆 Like this kind of store just doing wholesale

The wholesale orders MOQ(minimum order quantity)here can be very low.

Usually you can get the wholesale price only by buying three or five items (like XS-S-M-L-XL).

If you need more wholesale quantity, then you may need to place larger orders with the shop keeper, they will take more from their warehouse need the wholesale market, and you can also give them your address, they will send it to you through logistics. Even now many merchants also doing trade business, they can send international logistic.

Some of the clothes in the shop are hanging on the wall, and a large number of styles are piled up on the ground for customers to choose.

The styles of these shops are very fashionable, trendy and have a strong sense of design.


The 1st Floor

The first floor is dominated by most of Asian and European fashion styles. The stores are large and spacious.

You can feel the most of enthusiasm of the staff when you enter each store.

There are several European style stores with large area, many beautiful styles and unique fashion design, so the daily flow of people is very large in these stores, but the price is also very high!


Below, we can see that many stores have customers to buy a lot of clothes, the store usually becomes more chaotic, need some time to clean up and pack.

After the selection, it will be packaged directly into this way. These are different customers who place orders, give the address to the merchant, and the merchant will send it to you by express delivery.

👆 Customers clothes have packed
👆 Customers clothes have packed


The 2nd Floor

The size of stores on the second floor began to smaller.

The decoration style of these shops here is more like that of the ordinary brand stores in the city center.

It feels closer to the people. Most of the stores of various brands are women’s clothes with special styles.

👆 This kind of stores can buy of retail & wholesale


The 3rd Floor

The stores on this floor are smaller. They are all about 10 square meters.

It is a sales area for leather shoes, bags and accessories, wholesale and retail. Sometimes you can buy the same price of super famous brands, which is slightly more expensive.

👆 Bags, Hats, accessories shops …
👆 There are many brand on the wall of different shops.


The 4th/5th  floor,

Shops tend to be neat and clothes look good.

We saw some special styles. We searched them with Taobao and found no identical styles. It shows that these styles are very new.

We all know that the speed of Taobao’s network in China is super fast. If it’s a nice new style, you can find it in Taobao in less than three days.


Over 6 to 9 Floor, men’s clothes are sold.

There are fewer people here. Many of the employees selling clothes are tall and handsome men/models.

If you have friends or family who need it, they can give you a reference or teach you how to match.

👆 Men’s clothes Area

These stores generally have their own designer design, relatively rare in the market.

Designers who want to find new idea or buy the sample here, here will be a good place.

👆 Men’s wear, can be wholesale and retail


In addition, we find an interesting phenomenon here:

There is a unique “model wearing”, because the wholesale market has a very large flow of people, clothes are not allowed to try on.

So, the wearing model seems to be in line with the needs of the times was born in general.

We found a small booth in the center of the shop, where “model wearers” stood, dressing quickly, with an average of seven seconds to complete a fitting.

There are hundreds of clothes to try on in a day, and 500 clothes to wear at most.

Because buyers NOT ARROWED to try it on themselves, you can see what you like by wearing model then buy it.

👆 Wearing Models
👆 You can see many shops they have their own wearing model trying clothes for customers in the center of the shop.


Learn more about the Kapok International Fashion wholesale market, here is the website:

Click here:http://www.hongmian.com


Move to the 3rd station!

The Third Station:

Guangzhou Hui Mei International Fashion wholesale market(汇美国际时装城)

Address:No.139 Huanshi West Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou city

Transportation:By Guangzhou metro, Line 2 or Line 5 – “Guangzhou Railway Station”, with the entrance “F”, go straight on 100 meters then you can find it.

Opening time:10:00 – 18:30


👆 Colorful walls – HuiMei fashion wholesale market.

When you get out of the subway and go straight for about 100 meters, you will be there when you see this building with colorful walls.

Follow us,go ~

Let’s go!

This market is super crowded every day. If you are here on holiday, you may feel like in a sardine canned.

The shops are very crowed together, and the corridors are very small, people are walled crowded here.
Customers are not allowed to take pictures in stores. You can only take pictures in the passageway.

Crowed of people here everyday

Huimei Garment Wholesale Market has 6 floors.

  • From the first floor to the second floor, women’s clothes are sold.
  • While men’s and women’s clothes are mixed on the third floor.
  • The fourth and fifth floors sell men’s clothes.
  • The 6th floor is for food, and F7 to F11 are working office.


The first floor is the busiest and most people shopping here.

At the same time, the price of clothing is also on the high side.

This market basically covers all types of clothing:

Men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, accessories, jewelry, underwear, shoes, bags, all kinds of! Everything!


Shops are generally divided into two types: wholesale ONLY, or wholesale and retail.

👇 Women’s wear shops – wholesale only:


👇 Women’s wear shops – wholesale/Retail:


Huimei market for wholesale orders can be very low, generally 2-3 pieces/item can get the wholesale price.

Only wholesale stores, some stores are better to bargain, you can buy three pieces but mixed models, the prices of these stores are reasonable, will not make random quotations. As long as you buy it wholesale, the price is usually reasonable.

Wholesale and retail stores, quotations sometimes may be confused, she does not know whether you are retail or wholesale, so often quotations are confused, generally speaking, if you want to retail, the best way is to buy the special garment in front of the store.

Many stores have some special areas in front of the door, ¥50RMB/2 pieces, ¥100rmb/3 pieces.

Sometimes the off-season or defective clothes are usually sold at very attractive prices, you can find some good quality samples.

👆 Many stores have their special price clothes

The Second Floor

Some stores can buy a lot of cheap clothes.
For example, ¥150RMB/2 pieces for the sweater, overcoats and jackets usually ¥80 – ¥100rmb/piece. Especially during the off-season time, the price lower will shock you.
Most of the clothes on the second floor are young women and girls.
Everyone who comes to buy clothes is busy choosing clothes.


As mentioned above, the stores in this wholesale market are very closely and linked to each other, and may look a little messy.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost when strolling inside. There are too many kinds of things.

Sometimes you may find everything want to buy it, but sometimes you don’t know what you should buy.

The market is always very predictable.

Usually you can find new clothes/new designs of the next coming season two months in advance appear in stores.

👆 New clothes of the next coming season

Most of the men’s clothes here are designed by themselves and then made into their own brands.

👆 This kind of store, not retail

In the turn of the season, you can buy ¥100rmb/2 piece of casual pants, ¥100rmb/3-4 pieces of T-shirt, the design, fabrics and workmanship are very good.

We found a pair of hollow carved men’s leather shoes, wholesale price is only about RMB¥220-260, usually selling ¥350+…

👆 When their designs selling well, they make the own brand

The only thing that’s not so good is that the clothing in this wholesale market doesn’t arrow to try on. Sometimes you only can try it in front of the mirror but cannot wear it.

Teach you a little trick:

Because there are too many stores here, and there are many stores with similar styles.

Don’t be anxious to buy too hurry when you go shopping. You can go to each store and compare the prices.



Move to the 4th Station~

The 4th Station:

Guangzhou UUS Fashion wholesale market(广州 U:US 时装城)


Address:No.14 Guangyuan West Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Transportation:By Guangzhou metro, Line 2 or Line 5 – “Guangzhou Railway Station”, with the entrance “F”, go straight on 700 meters then you can find it.

Opening time:10:00 – 19:00


Guangzhou U:US is a clothing market of China, Korea and Europe design.
It’s newly built in recent years. Operated by the Korean East Gate and the Chinese team, 150 Korean East Gate fashion brands are stationed, and more than 500 original design brands are in China.


So, compared with many other clothing wholesale markets we have visited, with crowded people, noisy music, usually end up feeling overwhelmed.

But this wholesale market really does a good job because it’s a new building, the environment is very good.

It’s not like strolling in a normal wholesale market at all. It’s like shopping in a super luxury market.

Even it’s not the weekend or holiday time, you can find a lot people come everyday.

Besides women’s clothes, there are also many shops of selling children’s clothes.

And bags, jewelry, shoes, etc.
This is the original Korean jewelry store we visited.
Even Korean bosses are sitting in stores.

👆 Korean jewelry store

👆 Also there are some shops of bags, hats, shoes, accessories…
👆 There are 8 floors of clothes

This wholesale market has 9 floors, 1 – 4 floors are women’s wear, children’s wear, shoes and so on.
The style, workmanship, color matching, pattern and so on are quite special.

The 5-8 floors are men’s clothes, and many of them are original designs.
One or two floors can be retailed, but the price may be slightly higher.

From 5 to 8 floors are men’s clothes

9 Floor is for food/drink,and the opening time is to 21:00pm.

Western food, Chinese food, Korean food, coffee dessert, you can eat what you want!
If you’re tired of shopping, it’s great to eat some delicious food and go on shopping.

There are many different kind of restaurants in this floor, you won’t be afraid of hunger while shopping in this market.


Like the other clothes wholesale markets mentioned above, most stores here are not allowed to try on clothes, but some stores sell overcoats or jackets. You can try them in front of the mirror.

👆 Some customers trying clothes in the shop

Today we are visiting one of the 4 most famous clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou.

These four clothes markets are all middle and high-grade clothing brands with moderate prices and very good clothing quality.

The most important thing is that clothing is updated very quickly, and many of them are original designs.


Ok, today we just end here, but our Looking For Guangzhou Wholesale Market Journey will never end of here.


We have another article show you the next super big market; the variety of commodities is more comprehensive and more comprehensive. And the price is the cheapest.
Do you want to know about it?


The next article we will go to those clothes MARKET as large as today we have, find the following markets:

👇 Guangzhou Thirteen Hong clothes market:


👇 Guangzhou Fuli Super Children’s wear clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou New China Plaza clothes wholesale market


👇 Guangzhou Baima clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou Yima clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou KINSUN clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou KINHO clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou Jin Mu clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou Jin Xiang clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou Liu Hua clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou Wedding clothes wholesale market.


👇 Guangzhou Zhanxi clothes wholesale market.


Yes, you can find more clothes markets in this article here by click below


If you are interested in the fabric/textile market;

You must want to know where is the largest and local fabric market in China, below link will tell you more:


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