Why Xintang Jeans Town is going to close ?

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February 21, 2018
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May 21, 2019

Why Xintang Jeans Town is going to close ?

Written by Rita, 28th Feb 2018


Why Xintang Jeans Town is going to close ?


Since November 2009, One of a Jeans & Denim factory workers Lee, his neighbors and thousands of residents of Helenberg Estate, took to the streets, demanding a cleaner environment to the government.

Lee protested with his son. The five-year-old boy signed a petition calling for the closure of polluting factories. “Many neighbors have rhinitis because of the air pollution, I don’t want my son to suffer from it,” Lee said.

▲The river is heavily polluted from satellite images.

The residents’ demands listened to the government, and since then environmental protection has become one of the local government’s top priorities. The environmental protection bureau was given the right to veto investment and construction projects, suspend production and even close down polluting businesses, Lee said.

In the past, most people were focused on the development and making money. But with improving living standards, people have become more concerned about the environment. “When the majority of people call for a cleaner environment, it becomes a political task,” Lee said.

Lee was overjoyed after he and other residents succeeded in getting the government to clean it up. Now they talk about how to improve the environment in online forums every day.

▲The government’s environmental protection workers are putting seals and locks on those companies which are unqualified of sewage treatment.

Strictly implement environmental protection and remediation

At the end of 2016

The government environmental protection inspectorate start in Guangzhou;

Xintang environmental protection industrial park by regulation was required to remediation.

The area of enterprises that need to be closed

There are more than 76 enterprises need to be closed include Xintang environmental protection industrial park (Xiapu industrial park), Xinzhou industrial park, Dongping industrial park.

▲The workers are cleaning up the sewage plant

Three stages to manage those enterprises that discharged pollutants unqualified

Stage I:


Closed the area of Xizhou industry group enterprises and Xinzhou industry park companies, 6 polluting enterprises have implemented stop pollution.

Stage II:


18 polluting enterprises have implemented stop pollution.

Stage III:

52 polluting enterprises have implemented stop pollution.

▲There are 76 bigger polluting enterprises have implemented stop pollution.

Guangzhou will move the denim industry to another province

It will take 1 to 2 years to realize the overall transformation and upgrade this industry.

At present, there are more than 10000 denim enterprises in Xintang, over30 big brands and take up more than 60% of the market share in China. Its daily production capacity goes to 3 million pieces, and with an annual output of nearly 1 billion pieces. About 30% of the jeans come from Xintang town in China. Xintang’s denim products sell well at home and abroad.

Which city will be the next DENIM CAPITAL?

Click this article know more: The new Jeans Capital you’d like to know

▲ Many machines were sealed off.

World denim garment highlights China, and China’s denim garment focuses on Xintang

It’s said that Xintang Jean’s capital would become a history in near future.

Guangzhou “drive away” the denim manufacturing industry, to its neighboring – Hunan province and has brought great business opportunities to them.

▲ Hunan Province – Denim garment industry start to work ceremony.

This environmental protection industrial park is ready to build some factories includes:

  • A factory of daily treatment of 60,000 tons of sewage.
  • 38 Industrial wash factories
  • 6 Dyeing factories
  • 8 Pulp dyeing factories
  • 3 Accessory dyeing factory
  • 8 After whole Accessory factory
  • 3 printing factories
  • One carton manufacturing factory
  • One chemical factory

We have learned, in Hunan province ChangNing Town Denim clothing industry project will boost the economic development zone in 2020 and realize the industrial production of billions value.

It has greatly improved the economic benefits of Changning Town and brought great labor opportunities to the local people.

Let’s welcome a better jeans era, the apparel industry is developing, the denim industry need to be upgraded at the same time!

DC TEAM will develop and upgrade and make progress with all of you together!


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