Top 3 points of quality control of clothing you should know.

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February 3, 2018
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February 12, 2018

Top 3 points of quality control of clothing you should know.

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by Jessica Liu on Feb 3 2018

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Top 3 points of quality control of clothing you should know

Quality problems, a strategic question about the survival of enterprises. The quality control of clothing affects the sales and use of the products directly, and even influences the vitality of the brand. Effective management of quality is the only way to improve the quality of producing garments. So what are the differences in quality control between quick response mode and the traditional manufacturing model? You can see this article:How to do fast fashion and where to find the apparel manufacturers?


Three important aspects of quality control of clothing manufacturing:


  • Control the original Fabric/Accessories quality :
  1. Authorized fabric/accessory supplier;
  2. Fabric/accessory Testing.
  3. All fabric/accessory sample will be checked & confirmed before bulk production;


  • Sample Controlling: pre-production samples, first sample (while start bulk production)
  • Bulk inspection: First inspection, Middle inspection, Final inspection.

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The differences of quality management between Quick Response order and traditional order:


  1. Quality control of fabrics & samples before bulk production: As the lead time of quick response order need to prepare 15-30 days in advance, therefore, all part of quality control links must be as short as possible.
  • Fabric swatch confirmation: The fabric supplier will send the swatches to the factory and brand company at the same time. Then once confirmed, the factory can make a sample immediately to the brand-customer check, it greatly shortens the time.
  • Sample of garment confirmation: While samples of garment finished, they usually open a video meeting, all participants such as sample maker, designer, QC, the buyer will check the samples together, and will let the model try those samples. This can greatly speed up the process of sample quality control.


  1. How to judge the size problem in bulk production?

  • While a problem (for example the specification of one size is not qualified) was found during Middle/Final inspection, and it’s no time or hard to modify it, so when we have such a condition, garments have to put it on the model to check if fit or not.


  • Different from the traditional orders, quick response order can accept the appropriate floated of the size specification. Due to the quick response order is small, the risk is is relatively small and the key is that the clothes are in good condition and does not affect sales.



The quality control should be moderate, the main control points need to firmly checked, and the others control points can be flexibility.




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